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Play Something Christmas!

Spice up your Christmas celebrations with a

  Ho - Ho - Hoedown!

Ho ho Hoedown christmas party

Debi & The Honky Tonk Angels LOVE a Christmas party!

Entertain your guests with some thigh slapping, yeehaaw-ing 

Christmas tunes.


Throw in a couple of barn and/or line dances and y'all got yourselves a ready-made Christmas do, that EVERYONE will be talking about 'til December next year!


(When y'all can do it all over again!)

Christmas Party Time!

The Honky Tonk Angels sing at many Christmas parties. Who says line dancing and hay bales are just for the summer time?

Whether it is a private party or the work Christmas gathering, Debi and the Angels can accommodate your needs.

They have even hosted company awards nights (in character, of course)!

It is a great theme to get everyone interacting and having a good time together. Plus, after a couple of Moonshines, what better way to celebrate than to embarrass the boss? The Angels are more than happy to do that for y'all!

If you would like to finish the year off with a twist and a slap of the thigh (or 2), why not book the band to play?

Also available for New Year's Eve parties, helping to bring in the new year with a yeehaaw!

To find out more and to book, contact Debi directly.

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